From 100% natural sheep's wool, natural colours, design and loom to hand-weaving carpets... Kenza & Co have evolved into experts in vintage Berber carpets. We are creators of unique rugs of great quality and seekers of exceptional rugs throughout the Morocco atlas, carefully selected and restored with the utmost care and affection through our own family cooperative and in collaboration with other cooperatives and women artisans from different tribes and areas of Morocco.
Our access and treatment is straightforward and friendly to all families and artisans with whom we collaborate, is part of our philosophy and lifestyle.
Thanks to my husband Momo and to all his family that dedicates itself to this many generations ago I have been able to fulfill one of my dreams; to undertake and dedicate myself to something I love.Β 
My family; my two children, Momo and I are settled and live in Spain-Madrid, although we constantly travel to Morocco to share, live and follow all the processes of our collection. One of our main objectives is to bring to the rest of the world all these incredible moments that I live with these people, the secrets that this peculiar way of weaving has, to create carpets as spectacular pieces of art and to give the possibility to everybody to have an exceptional rug at a really affordable price working in an ethical and fair way.
More than 4500 rugsΒ sent to more than 19 countries guarantee our work, treatment and dedication. Kenza & Co has become a reference in the market of Berber rugs, that's why we propose you the best selection of carpets in the world.
Each product has a story... that's why each piece is unique. What's yours? By the way, I'm BegoΓ±a and I welcome you to my house... to Kenza & Co "Treasure in Arabic" why is that? Β 



In Kenza & Co we think that working ethically is not only a way of doing things in a respectful way both with the environment and with the artisans with whom we collaborate; their culture, their times, their know-how, but it is an essential value for us and is undoubtedly part of our success.Β 

We are respectful of our surroundings and the environment in which all our colleagues in the cooperatives in Morocco coexist, which is why we must take care of it.
All our carpets and textiles are made with 100% sheep's wool from the area, recycled cotton and colours based on totally natural pigments extracted from plants, without any type of chemical treatment.
Our FREE PLASTIC project is today one of our most important objectives and that is why we put all our effort into complying with this parameter or at least try to collaborate with the least possible impact on the planet.Β 

We believe in the traditional and the essential, and to be able to transmit all its value to future generations, there is nothing better than to make known the essence of the authentic and the handmade, knot by knot, promote and give the protagonism that deserves the value of the unique, essential and natural.
All our pieces are hand woven on traditional Berber loom. Our fundamental task is to promote and spread the splendour of this millenary technique and to be able to offer our customers all its quality and beauty.Β 

Our "Fair Price" philosophy is perhaps the part of this project that moves me the most. Giving the opportunity to turn this "art of weaving" into an opportunity to earn a living for something that my classmates, friends, sisters-in-law, cousins do in a natural and very professional way... to take care of their families is an honor for me and the whole team.
It is for this reason among others that Kenza & Co does not work with intermediaries, we do it directly with the artisans and cooperatives. This gives us the possibility to pay the "artists", as I call them, a more dignified salary for their work, to have more competitive prices and to be able to offer this incredible product of great quality and more reasonable prices.